Success Story: Joan

We are pleased to share a Blue Water Safe Horizons “success story” regarding one of our past service recipients, below. Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect privacy, but the story is based on a true survivor.

“Joan” is a 67-year-old woman who had been living with a younger sister since her husband had passed away.

Joan’s sister had convinced her that she needed assistance with her finances, which began with providing assistance when paying bills, but ended up with Joan’s sister having full access to her bank accounts and social security deposits.

Before long, Joan’s sister was controlling all of the money, and refusing to allow Joan to make any financial decisions or purchases for herself.

Because Joan’s accounts had been drained by her sister, there was no money left for Joan to secure housing on her own. During a routine medical checkup, Joan indicated to the nurse that she was feeling extremely depressed and helpless. After talking with Joan and learning some of her life circumstances, the nurse observed that Joan was being financially exploited by her sister, and followed up by making a referral to Blue Water Safe Horizons.

Through assistance and accompaniment by the Elder Advocate, Joan was able to report her bank accounts as being fraudulently used, as well as have her social security payments rerouted to a new account.

The Elder Advocate also helped Joan apply for housing assistance, which in turn enabled her to secure an apartment in a local senior complex. Joan is now thriving on her own, and has rediscovered independence and self-confidence that had been stolen from her.

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