Success Story: Margie

We are pleased to share a Blue Water Safe Horizons “success story” regarding one of our past service recipients, below. Names and other identifying details have been changed to protect privacy, but the story is based on a true survivor.

“Margie” is a 56-year-old woman who had been living in an abusive marriage for 33 years.

Margie spent most of her time hiding from the outside world, afraid that people would notice the bruises she tried to constantly cover up. Margie reached out to a local community agency for assistance in paying an energy bill that she discovered her husband had let go into shut off.

The agency worker inquired about Margie’s household income, to which Margie admitted she had no access to, nor knowledge of, due to the control of her husband.

The worker made a referral to Blue Water Safe Horizons for assistance in domestic violence education and counseling.

Margie said that it took several attempts at picking up the phone before she had the courage to call the Blue Water Safe Horizons counselor to schedule, but after she began receiving counseling, she learned about the signs of domestic violence and realized that she wasn’t alone.

Margie was invited to attend domestic violence support group sessions where she met other survivors. Throughout the support and education she received through Blue Water Safe Horizons, Margie learned how to navigate the legal system, and filed for divorce.

Margie continues to participate in counseling and support groups, and has made gigantic leaps in gaining self-esteem and independence now that she is on her own.

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