Hosting a Benefit

Hosting a Benefit

Many individuals, businesses and Blue Water Area service clubs and organizations are strong supporters of Blue Water Safe Horizons. We are so thankful for the financial support so many have contributed to our agency over many years.

Many groups wish to host fundraisers specifically for our organization. Because we also regularly approach a wide variety of local businesses throughout the course of any given year while looking for support — financial or otherwise — we ask that all who wish to host a fundraiser for our benefit please follow the guidelines, below, before publicly announcing any fundraiser for BWSH, and before approaching any local business on our behalf without our knowledge.

Your continued support is so meaningful to us and is appreciated beyond what you can ever know. We just wish to make sure that multiple groups are not planning events on our behalf on the same date and/or approaching the same businesses asking for donations on our behalf when BWSH staff might be doing so, also.

Hosting a Benefit Guidelines

  • Please contact via email the Blue Water Safe Horizons’ Executive Director to share your intended fundraising activity.
  • When emailing, please include the times, date, and location of the fundraiser.
  • Please include the kind of activity that will take place (ie: a bake sale, bowling for dollars, craft show, or other activity).
  • Please provide an explanation of how funds will be raised (ie: ticket sales, a percentage of profits made at a craft show, etc.) and who will be approached to make any direct contribution to the event.

Blue Water Safe Horizons will respond to your email within two business days to ask for additional information, request a phone conversation or meeting to learn more, or to approve your request for hosting a fundraiser.

We are humbled and honored when individuals and groups wish to fundraise on our behalf and we so appreciate your continued efforts to ensure the safety and well being of the women and children who benefit from the receipt of our services.